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Animal Protection Denmark (Dyrenes Beskyttelse)

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Help animals in need

Animal Protection Denmark helps animals in need, stops abuse of animals and fights for a respectful and sustainable relationship between animals, people and nature.

They influence decision-makers and work for an agricultural production that takes into account the animals' natural needs and behavior. They inform and advise animal owners and improve the conditions for family animals through their animal shelters. Animal Protection Denmark also solves animal welfare issues and cares for wild animals at the wildlife care centers so that they can return to their life in the wild.

Animal Protection Denmark is a voluntary association, which is mainly funded by private funds. They work locally distributed in 13 areas throughout Denmark. The work on animal rescue is headed and delegated by voluntary area chairmen. They have a network of volunteers throughout Denmark, which helps family animals from the association's animal shelters and animals in the wild at their wildlife centers. Finally, it is also volunteers who run the association's animal ambulances.

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