Support good causes simply by searching.
You have not chosen which causes you wish to support, so you support all equally.

Switch search engine and support charity

With Givero, your daily searches become an opportunity to donate to worthy causes without any extra cost to you.

Find new places to eat while helping children in need. Look up tomorrow’s weather and support the fight against climate change. Givero’s search engine is a new 'support-for-free' concept. By changing one daily habit - how you search - you will join a community working for a better world.

Search as usual

Givero's search engine works like any other: type in your daily queries and get great answers on the spot. It's as simple as switching from Google to Givero.

Choose a cause

You have the opportunity to decide which charities you wish to support with your searches. If you can't pick, your searches will support them all equally.

We happily donate

Based on our users' selections, we share our revenue with the chosen charities. More searches mean bigger donations - no extra work on your end.

Want to know more? Please see our easy-to-read Frequently Asked Questions for all the details.

Search with a purpose

The Givero team has picked a diverse range of organizations doing relevant work in categories as varied as climate, children, and animals.

You can choose to support as many organizations as you want across the categories on the Good Causes page.

Do not worry if you cannot pick - in that case, your searches will support them all equally.

We plan to continue expanding our list of available organizations as our base of Givero users grows.